E-Portfolio Guidance

All trainees:

It is your responsibility to keep your own ARCP record up to date. Please make sure that you change the name of your educational supervisor as you rotate through different hospitals

Please keep your place of work up to date, otherwise the educational supervisor will not be able to keep your record up to date. Support videos for this, learning agreement and personal development plan are also available.

Reflective writing in cases and critical incidents is a fundamental part of the training process. It is important to ensure when entering these reflections that they are anonymised with respect to patient identifiable data, and as much as possible, unique situation. Please see guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges for further guidance.

ARCP records usually run from the start to finish of each training year. The Welsh School of Anaesthesia will change your year of training following your ARCP ,and will assign your outcome and open a new ARCP record for the next training period to fall in line with your next scheduled ARCP date.

6 month placements should complete an IPR - Interim Progress Report.

Excluding non anaesthetic ACCS and single CCT/medical ICM trainees who remain paper based, all anaesthetic assessments should be completed electronically.

E-Portfolio Detail Changes

Completion of MSF

Once the trainee has made a decision to generate the MSF report, the window is open for 4 weeks only. We would encourage all trainees to do this in sufficient time before the ARCP so that they have enough time to get feedback returned. It may mean that you have to remind the person that you have asked to rate you to return it. There is currently no mechanism to send a reminder electronically.

All Educational Supervisors/ Clinical Supervisors/ Sessional Supervisors

Please log onto the Royal College Eportfolio system if you have not done so already. The College removes all assessors & trainees from the system if they are not regularly following up trainee reports.
If you do however happen to find yourself unable to access the system you can email e-Portfolio@rcoa.ac.uk and they will reinstate you. We would encourage you to please complete assessments online.

Assessment tools
The 'Good Practice Statements' at the bottom of the form can, at present, only be graded as excellent or unsatisfactory. If the trainee does not fit either of these categories but has clearly passed the assessment do not tick any box just complete the approval of the assessment which is at the end of this section. If you wish to indicate that an area of practice was excellent or unsatisfactory please tick the relevant box and provide evidence to support your opinion.

Educational Supervisors

Recommendation that trainee is appraised every 3 months, the first meeting at the start of the placement.
On the Eportfolio system the Educational Supervisor can create a PDP - Personal Development plan at the first meeting. This means that learning objectives for the year can be set and then electronically approved and recorded at each meeting. The whole process in generation of the ESSR at the end of the year will therefore be much easier.

Any problems or suggestions with the Eportfolio system, please email:
Simon.Ford@wales.nhs.uk, E- Portfolio Lead for Welsh School of Anaesthesia

Further information is available from the RCoA website