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Friday 27th March 2020

The latest updates from HEIW including direct communication to Trainee FAQs and guidance on the impact on training through changes in Recruitment, ARCPs, returning from OOP, LTFT trainees and return from maternity leave can be found on this link: Click here

Please check back regularly for updates

Education Update
The latest educational resources, including e-learning materials and the availability of virtual teaching sessions, can be found on the Courses & Study Days page and e-Learning page.

Wellbeing resources to support all staff can be accessed on the following links:

Courtesy of Dr Mark Stacey, Consultant Anaesthetist, Cardiff & Vale UHB via Resources

Courtesy of Dr Julie Highfield, Clinical Psychologist, Critical Care Unit, Cardiff and Vale UHB via ICS Wellbeing

Message from the Head of School & Regional Adviser for Intensive Care in Wales:
At this incredibly challenging time, we want to sincerely thank every anaesthetist who has stepped in to provide support of critical care colleagues, both medical and nursing colleagues, as their additional workload from the COVID-19 crisis increases over the coming weeks and months. We are so very grateful to the Trainees and Consultant staff from both ICM and Anaesthesia, who are working in difficult, stressful and unprecedented circumstances. Stay safe and ensure you protect yourself as a priority.

Dr Sarah Harries, Head of School Anaesthesia & ICM
Dr Matt Dallison, Regional Advisor ICM Wales