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Summer ARCP's

Thursday 21st May 2020

Summer ARCP's will go ahead for all trainees that would be due an annual review.

All ARCPs will be virtual. The checklists for training have been revised to accommodate the changes to training during the COVID 19 pandemic, and can be found on the ARCP page. This is a School COVID Checklist which summarises the mandated and optional LLP evidence, and a more detailed National RCoA ARCP COVID Checklist for Trainees and ESs to follow, which fits with the ESSR domains.

The format and outcomes for ARCP based upon the guidance from the RCOA and the Statutory Education Bodies of the 4 nations will be available to you on the ARCP webpage and on the RCoA and HEIW COVID-19 website.
This includes an ARCP decision aid to prepare you for the potential ARCP outcomes.

Trainees will receive information via HEIW on a date for review and the minimum requirements for LLP evidence.

The dates for review are:

Core Training 15th &16th June 2020
ST3-6 17th &18th June 2020
ST7 - 14th July 2020 - the ST7 checklist has not been revised, please follow this on the WSA website