You will find useful resources for both trainees & trainers below:

For example:

  • Welsh School Inducion Handbook for all new CT1 & ST3 starters
  • North Wales Trainee Handbooks - an essential guide for living & training in anaesthesia in North Wales hospitals
  • The very latest RCoA Assessment Guidance from August 2015
  • Relevant RCoA registration forms & Training Certificates
  • The latest version of the RCoA Curriculum
  • Advice if embarking on maternity leave from the Welsh School, however addtional advice is also available on this link to North West Deanery gasmummy
  • Guidance when returning to clinical anaesthesia after a prolonged break
  • The Trainee appraisal record which many ES choose to use when meeting their trainee, can be found within each relevant level of Training Schemes
  • NEW: A Pastoral Care Directory for all Anaesthetists - guidance compiled by Dr Vaz Moosajee and Dr Webster Rushesha from Swansea to guide anaesthetists seeking sources of pastoral support