Welsh Anaesthetic Audit Research and Engagement Network. This is a newly founded network setup in Wales for anaesthetic trainee doctors.

The core aims of the group are:

  • To support Welsh anaesthetists' potential projects by nurturing and developing them to achieve their potential
  • To improve patient safety by organised audit, research and public engagement¬†
  • To increase trainee opportunities and accessibility to high quality audit, research and public engagement

WAAREN was established in August 2013 and has moved forward and achieved a considerable amount since that time within Wales and the wider UK. We completed two major projects in 2014, both involving ten Welsh hospitals.

The first project, WAVE, ran over two weeks in April 2014 comparing ventilation parameters in patients undergoing major abdominal operations in light of the recent IMPROVE study. The project was completely trainee led, with over 90 patients recruited across Wales. The results were presented at SAW, as a presentation at the RCOA anaesthetic research meeting and provisionally approval has been give for a BJA letter.

The second project, COMS, was a collaboration of all trainee networks across the UK. The first of its kind. It involved a survey looking at the provision of cardiac output monitoring in the UK. Data was collected in 67 trusts around the UK! Watch this space to hear about the results.

Our third project RAID; a service evaluation of anaesthesia for trial of instrumental delivery in maternity units across Wales was conducted in mid April 2015 with Dr Dave Price leading this successful project proposal.

How to get involved

  • Help out in an upcoming project and be recognised as a contributor.
  • Submit your own idea for the summer project and if selected have the chance to run the project UK wide!!
  • Volunteer to be your hospital WAAREN representative for 2015/16.

Visit our website WAAREN and follow us on twitter to keep updated. @WAARENgroup