2021 Training Scheme

From August 2021, all new CT1/ACCS CT2, ST3 and ST5 Trainees in the Welsh School of Anaesthesia will be following the new RCoA 2021 Curriculum, which encompasses Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 respectively.

The RCoA 2021 Curriculum, Assessment Strategy, Entrustable Professional Activity workbooks and information for trainees who are dual training with FICM can be found below and more information is being produced regularly on this RCoA link

The information and webinar links below include material which has been specifically produced for Welsh School of Anaesthesia trainees and details the implementation and transition plans which will be followed in Wales.

2021 Curriculum Webinar & Pre-Webinar Material

A webinar to discuss the changes that will occur with the introduction of the 2021 anaesthetic curriculum was held on 17th June. Below is the webinar recording and some important pre-webinar material which will provide you with important information in preparation for the introduction of the 2021 curriculum.
2021 Curriculum Webinar (Session 1; 2021 curriculum overview, core trainee transition & specialist trainee transition)
2021 Curriculum Webinar (Session 2; SLEs, MTRs, EPA1/2/3/4, Generic Professional Domains & Local Implementation)
Pre-webinar material:
2021 Curriculum Overview
Core Training Curriculum Transition
Specialty Training Curriculum Transition

Stage 1 Training

Trainees who have been unable to secure an ST3 training programme are encouraged to follow the RCoA guidance on how to achieve Stage 1 capabilities and a Stage 1 training certificate in a CT3 equivalent 'top-up' post by following on advice on this RCoA link

The Welsh School of Anaesthesia has provided additional information in the form of a checklist below on how the additional capabilities can be successfully achieved and will recognised by College Tutors in Wales to sign off Stage 1 training.

The new Welsh School of Anaesthesia educational supervisor paperwork for the 2021 curriculum stage 1 trainees can be downloaded below.

Stage 1 Professional "Sim" Day
A novel & interactive day; highlighting some of the clinical scenarios faced by anaesthetists in training and focussing on the RCoA 2021 Curriculum requirements for Domain 1 of the Generic Professional Capabilities (Professional Behaviours and Communication). This will enable all Stage 1 trainees to evidence this domain in their portfolios, and is designed for CT1, CT2, CT3s (& ST3s to evidence their Stage 1 Equivalence). See flyer below for more details.

Next course date 14th January 2022 at Grange University Hospital Education Centre. It is free for Welsh School of Anaesthesia trainees. Click here to sign up via eventbrite.

Stage 2 Training

The Welsh School of Anaesthesia has produced a summary of the gap analysis to help trainees with equivalence evidencing for stage 2 training. This checklist can be downloaded below.

Generic Professional Domains

The non clinical domains that demonstrate the Generic Professional capabilities of all Doctors are part of the RCOA 2021 anaesthesia curriculum. The 7 Generic Professional Domains are found across stages 1, 2 and 3. To support trainees across all stages of training we have developed a series of short lectures which are the basics and building blocks for these modules. Trainees across all 3 stages should complete these online lectures and complete a reflection. This reflection should be uploaded to the Lifelong learning platform as evidence of completion of the lecture series and should be thoroughly discussed with the Educational supervisor. The ES will be asked to make specific comments on the trainees reflections as part of the ESSR. These lectures are the core principles and trainees will be expected to demonstrate progression in these modules by adding reflection on other activities as well as the relevant supervised learning events (SLEs) eg QI project, audit cycle, guideline development etc.

An Overview of the Generic Professional Domains by Dr Caroline Evans

Professional behaviours and communication

Management and Professional and Regulatory Requirements


Quality Improvement

  • Understanding QI Methodology: QIST Fundamentals of Improvement by Dr Gethin Pugh
  • A-QIPAT: Assessment of QI activities by Dr Gethin Pugh
  • Principles of Improvement: Next steps by Dr Gethin Pugh


Education and Training

Research and Managing Data

Team Working
No presentations have been created for this domain because you should easily be able to reflect and evidence how you work as part of a team in your day to day practice.