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Teaching opportunities

Saturday 1st August 2020


Over the last few months we have successfully re-established teaching in a number of different virtual formats within the School. To assist this, Eduroam for wifi access has now been enabled in Swansea Bay UHB & POWH, and Microsoft Teams is now available to all trainees via your Health Board.

Please visit the elearning page for all new online teaching resources, including a narrated series of tutorials for novice obstetric anaesthetic trainees to assist with the IAOC, paediatric specialist training lectures and cardiac anaesthesia e-learning modules.

FRCA Exam teaching is now taking place weekly in a number of sites via MS Teams or Zoom - details of contacts are available on the courses & study days webpage.

Simon Slinn has set up a website to host practice Final FRCA CRQs for Welsh trainees - frca-revision

Some of the content normally taught on the South Wales Anaesthetics Basic Sciences (SWABS) programme is also being narrated into a series of lectures. These lectures will be available via the Courses & Study Days page and also via the HEIW panopto pages.

Pain medicine training resources are being created and will be made available to trainees when ready - look out for updates on this.

The format for FICM, SWABS, WAFT, Post-Fellowship Study days, Higher Training Study day and Pain Study days/teaching is still in discussion - hopefully a scheduled programme of recorded webinars or panopto content will be arranged with support from HEIW IT team from September.

Don't forget the RCoA E-la and FRCA exam course content, Learn@AAGBI COVID recorded webinars are also free to access with brilliant lectures and speakers and OAA Final FRCA exam preparation links - see elearning page for access

Additional resources
Resources from shielding trainees in North West Deanery, covering Manchester & Mersey Schools, have also been made available via the RCoA, which include 50 Primary & Final Tutorials and 20 ICM topics as powerpoint presentations with voiceovers, that can be used as a starting point for tutorials. As long as the original author is acknowledged, they can be used for any teaching delivery. It's pretty impressive what they have produced........Please look at for the details
These tutorials can be delivered very easily to a virtual group of trainees via Microsoft Teams etc, which is the IT comms that has been agreed by HEIW and our Health Boards. The feedback forms are directed to North West Deanery, so don't use them at the moment!