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HoSS Update May 2021

Monday 24th May 2021

As we move into our major ARCP season, I wanted to remind you of the ARCP requirements and give a few updates on where we are with the GMC survey, recruitment, the new 2021 curriculum, plus a number of educational resources that are available to you all through the different sections of HEIW.

GMC NTS 2021
Firstly, can all trainees and trainers ensure that they have completed the GMC National Training Survey for 2021.
The deadline has been extended to midday tomorrow, May 25th - the survey can be accessed via your GMC Online account

There has been a significant amount of reported discontent across the UK with the outcome of ST3 recruitment this year.

I wanted to clarify the situation in Wales and would also encourage you to read the open letter from the Postgraduate Dean to all anaesthesia trainers and trainees, which has distributed by email and is available to read on our School website in Latest News.

As of today, we have filled all 35 Core Training programmes in Anaesthesia & ACCS-Anaesthesia, all 7x ST3 FICM programmes and filled 25 out of 26 ST3 Anaesthesia programmes. The final ST3 Anaesthesia programme will go out for reoffer in the next 24 hours.

I am aware that there are disappointed trainees from our core training programme who have failed to secure ST3 posts, however I would also congratulate the 18 or more local trainees who are staying in Wales for their higher specialist training.
We are making every effort to support trainees who have yet to confirm their plans for August 2021. There are many available opportunities, which they should be actively discussing with College Tutors or any of the School Leads. All College Tutors in Anaesthesia have been asked to feedback urgently to Graeme Lilley, our Core TPD, if there are trainees without a plan.

The messaging around workforce planning is always complex, but I would also like to make it clear that we have greatly appreciated new funding from Welsh Government for an uplift of a further 3 Anaesthesia ST posts again this year, allowing us to increase the number of available ST programmes by 30%, plus an increase of 4 FICM posts for the 5th consecutive year.


Anaesthesia ARCPs will take place virtually and evidence with ESSRs needs to be available on the LLP for Anaesthesia ideally at least 24 hours before the planned dates below:
June 7th - CT1 & CT3 trainees
June 8th - ST5 & ST6 trainees
June 14th - CT2 trainees
June 15th - ST3 trainees
July 1st - ST4 & ST7 trainees
All trainees who receive an unsatisfactory outcome or need a more bespoke programme plan will be invited to attend a TEAMS meeting later in the afternoon with the HoSS/Deputy HoSS and the TPD.
The checklists for this summer were updated and uploaded to the School website in January for trainees to follow - please see ARCPs

FICM ARCPs will also take place virtually - evidence needs to be uploaded to the ICM eportfolio by June 29th for confirmation of ARCP outcome on July 6th
All trainees with unsatisfactory outcomes or those with bespoke programme planning needs will be invited to attend a TEAMS meeting with the HoSS and the TPD on July 14th

All ARCPs will be conducted using the agreed COVID derogations. If a trainee has been subject to redeployment, shielding or failed to achieve any planned module due to limitations on available clinical activity, please ensure this is communicated on the ES report to the ARCP panel in as much detail as possible.

2021 Curriculum changes
Both the Anaesthesia and ICM new curricula have finally been approved by the GMC and will be implemented in August 2021.
We are currently receiving regular updates from the RCoA on the rollout plans and are distributing information to curriculum champions as we receive it. Please see RCoA Curriculum for latest information.

There is much to be done at a School and local departmental level to share the information and resources that are available.
Curriculum champions have been identified in every site and will be delivering training on the new stages of learning and assessment processes.

Dr Simon Ford, Regional Adviser for Anaesthesia in Wales, is leading on the School curriculum planning and he has put together the following programme of scheduled webinars for trainees and trainers in our School:
Core & Specialist Trainees - June 17th 9.30am-12.30pm
ICM Trainers - within ICM STC July 14th pm
Anaesthesia Trainers - July 15th 1.30-5pm
ST4+ trainees - July 16th - Info on Stage 3 training & preparing for Consultant selection
Invites will be distributed from Claire Foster, in our HEIW School Support Team.

The plans for transition of trainees to the new curriculum has been left flexible with Schools to determine the best fit.
The easier curriculum transition is ICM - with the exception of ST7 trainees in August 2021, all FICM trainees will transfer onto the new ICM curriculum.

Our decisions around anaesthesia transition are being guided at present by the information we receive on LLP functionality. Every training level will be given a detailed plan as soon as feasible, and I would urge ESs to confirm the transition plan with individual trainees in August. Only ST6 and ST7 trainees who are certain of completing all training by 31st January 2024 will stay on the old 2010 curriculum.

Educational resources

HEIW Professional Support Unit have a comprehensive programme of training webinars to support trainees and trainers - please email for the latest programme
HEIW QIST are running a training day for Anaesthesia & ICM trainers on July 2nd 10:00-13:00, please book via this link

Dr Sarah Harries
Head of School, Anaesthesia & ICM
Associate Dean, HEIW