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The Welsh School of Anaesthesia QI Programme 2020/21

The Welsh School QI training programme is delivered in collaboration with the HEIW QIST section and the Improvement Cymru Academy (formerly 1000 Lives Improvement). The school supports a range of e-learning; virtual and face to face QI training workshops; and other QI resources. The QI programme is lead by Dr Gethin Pugh, RCoA QI Regional Lead for Wales:

Quality Improvement e-learning module
Bronze IQT is an e-learning module produced by Improvement Cymru that introduces the concepts that underpin QI principles in medical practice. Completion of Bronze IQT can be recorded and evidenced in the RCoA LLP. This open access resource can be accessed at:
Bronze IQT.

QIST Quality Improvement Workshops
The Welsh School of Anaesthesia offers two different QI training workshops for anaesthetists and intensivists in training. The workshops are normally held twice a year. At present, all workshops are delivered virtually on Teams. Workshops are open to both Consultants/trainers and anaesthetists in training. Individuals should complete Bronze IQT prior to attending a workshop. If you have any questions or are interested in attending either of the QI training workshops, please register your interest by contacting the HEIW QIST section at:

1. QIST Fundamentals of Improvement in Anaesthesia and ICM
This is a one-day introduction to the principles of Quality Improvement for anaesthetists in training and trainers, who are new to Improvement. The workshop is recommended for individuals at CT2 level and above.

2. QIST Improvement in Practice in Anaesthesia and ICM (formerly Silver IQT)
This is a project focused two-day interactive workshop programme that builds on the understanding of the Fundamentals of Improvement workshop. As part of the workshop, individuals have the opportunity to complete a Quality Improvement project. The content of the workshop is mapped against the Annex G of the RCoA Curriculum.

Additional QI Educational Resources:
RCoA Quality Improvement Compendium
In September 2020, the RCoA launched Raising the Standards: RCoA Quality Improvement Compendium. This innovative resource provides further guidance for QI and audit activities across all areas of anaesthesia and is also mapped to national programmes such as the National Audit Project recommendations and National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA). It can be accessed through this hyperlink.

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