Annual Review of Competence Progression

ARCP Dates

For any information relating to your ARCP, please contact Mrs Hilary Williams in the Postgraduate Training Office in Wales Deanery via or Mrs Louise Jones,

**ARCP dates for January and Summer 2019 are currently being set

The virtual ARCP is currently under review within the Postgraduate Deanery. Trainees will be informed if the current ARCP format changes.
Current ARCP checklists are also under review so please check the website prior to ARCP to make sure that you have the correct version
Please contact your Training Programme Director if any issues relating to your ARCP year on your RCoA eportfolio or changeover to the new Lifelong Learning platform

Reflective writing guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

End of Placement Evaluations:

As part of ongoing quality assurance in training, we collect feedback on each hospital placement at the time of your ARCP, to triangulate with data from the GMC National Training Survey each year.
You will be forwarded the link to fill in the survey for your training scheme: Anaesthesia or ACCS at the end of your training year by Wales Deanery.

College Tutor Training Summary:

College Tutors are required to complete an annual training summary, with detailed Consultant feedback. The required training summary forms will be paper-based for ARCPs in 2018/19 and can be found below. Only 1 College Tutor training summary form needs to be completed each year.

Eportfolio ES Structured Report:

CT1-ST7 trainees are required to complete their ES ARCP report on the RCoA e-portfolio (ESSR). 1 printed copy must be presented to your ARCP panel. The trainee must initiate an ESSR before it may be viewed and completed by the Educational Supervisor.

Interim Progress Report

If rotating between 2 hospital placements during the training year, an Interim Progress Report is now available on the eportfolio, for completion by your ES prior to leaving your 1st hospital placement. Your ESSR should be initiated towards the end of your 2nd hospital placement, in preparation for your ARCP.
There is no Interim Progress Report on the Lifelong Learning Platform. It is possible to generate 2 ESSR between 6 month placements

Below are links to a number of useful documents: