Annual Review of Competence Progression


ARCP Dates

For any information relating to your ARCP, please go via the generic ARCP account at

ARCP dates for January 2020and Summer 2020 are as follows:

January 20th 2020 - ST mixed grade ARCP, Cardiff
February 4th 2020- Core Training mixed grade ARCP, Cardiff
June 4th 2020 - CT2 & ACCS final year ARCP, Cardiff
June 17th 2020 - ST5 &ST6 ARCP, Cardiff
June 25th 2020 -CT1 & CT3, Cardiff
July 6th 2020 - ST7 & ST3 ARCP (and likely all dual ICM), Cardiff
July 7th 2020- All North Wales Trainees, Wrexham
July 14th 2020 - ST4 trainees, will include Higher and advanced training study day
All South Wales ARCPs will take place at HEIW, Ty Dysgu Nantgarw.

Current ARCP checklists are also under review so please check the website prior to ARCP to make sure that you have the correct version.
All ARCP outcome forms will come via the Lifelong learning platform. All trainees will receive an email to view their outcome form , they should accept the form on line so that the panel chair knows that the form and outcome have been acknowledged

Reflective writing guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

End of Placement Evaluations:

As part of ongoing quality assurance in training, we collect feedback on each hospital placement at the time of your ARCP, to triangulate with data from the GMC National Training Survey each year.
You will be forwarded the link to fill in the survey for your training scheme: Anaesthesia or ACCS at the end of your training year by HEIW.


College Tutor Training Summary:

- obsolete
This has previously been a paper based requirement of the WSA. The LLP now provides the relevant online format for College Tutor feedback by the ESSR.

Educational Supervisors Structured Report:

CT1-ST7 trainees are required to complete their ES ARCP report on the RCoA Lifelong learning platform. There is no requirement for a paper copy The trainee must initiate an ESSR before it may be viewed and completed by the Educational Supervisor and College Tutor

Interim Progress Report

There is no longer a requirement or functionality to generate an Interim Progress Report on the LLP - trainees are able to generate more than one ESSR per year if they have two6 month placements with different ES in different hospitals. Please make sure that you change your ES and place of work at each rotation to be able to generate the ESSR

Below are links to a number of useful documents: