Annual Review of Competence Progression


All ARCPs for 2022 are now complete. The submission date for all ARCP evidence for 2023 with revised ARCP Checklists will be published in September 2022.

Future ARCPs will be held in absence. In the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, a virtual meeting will be arranged within the next 10 day period with the Head of School and Training Programme Director. You will be notified of the date and time to be available in your ARCP invitation email.

ESSRs must be present by the advertised submission date - please co-ordinate the date for ESSR completion with your ES as early as possible

The submission dates for 2023 Anaesthetic and FICM ARCPs will be published in Sept 2022.

Summer ARCPs:
Anaesthesia CT1/CT3 - tbc
Anaesthesia CT2/ACCS CT3 - tbc

Anaesthesia ST3 - tbc
Anaesthesia ST6&7 - tbc
Anaesthesia ST4/5 - tbc

FICM - tbc

A video presentation has been created by Dr Simon Ford to help you prepare your LLP for ARCP. You can watch it via the link below:
LLP preparation for ARCP.

The Anaesthesia ARCP checklists for 2023 will be revised to reflect the different curricula and their requirements which trainees are working to achieve. The checklist for 2022 can be found below and are a useful temporary guide.

Please discuss with your ES and arrange an appointment for your ESSR completion in good time.

The format and outcomes for ARCP are based upon the guidance from the RCOA and the Statutory Education Bodies of the 4 nations which are within the documents listed below and available on the RCoA and HEIW COVID-19 website.

You will receive information via HEIW on the required ARCP evidence submission date and the date of ARCP review. Instructions on completion of your Form R will also be sent by HEIW - this must also be uploaded to your LLP.

Anaesthesia trainees need to accept the ARCP outcome on receipt of the LLP email to ensure it is appropriately recorded with the RCoA.

There will be opportunities to meet with your TPDs for programme forward planning discussions during the year, at training focused events.


Educational Supervisors Structured Report:

CT1-ST7 trainees are required to complete their ES ARCP report on the RCoA Lifelong learning platform. The trainee must initiate an ESSR before it may be viewed and completed by the Educational Supervisor and College Tutor

Interim Progress Report

There is no longer a requirement or functionality to generate an Interim Progress Report on the LLP - trainees are able to generate more than one ESSR per year if they have two 6 month placements with different ES in different hospitals. Please make sure that you change your ES and place of work at each rotation to be able to generate the ESSR.

Below are links to a number of useful documents: