Educational Supervisors

ES Update day October 2023

The ES Update day for all College and Faculty Tutors and all Educational Supervisors/Named Clinical Supervisors was be held on October 25th 2023 at The Village Hotel, Cardiff and on Microsoft Teams.

ES Update meeting March 2022

The School held a pre-ARCP planning webinar for ESs on TEAMs on March 24th 2022. Recordings form the meeting can be accessed here:

ES Update meeting October 2021

The 2021 Educational Supervisors Update Day was held on Thursday 14th October at The Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells. Recorded presentations from the meeting are available to access via the links below:

Information from HEIW Postgraduate Education Support

The induction programme for trainers is now available on HEIW Trainer Support web pages at Trainer Induction The programme is a recording of the live induction event that was held in October 2021 and comprises 6 topics that are key to undertaking a trainer role:

  • Trainer Recognition and the process for becoming a trainer in Wales
  • How do clinicians really think
  • Supporting trainees
  • Identifying and planning learning objectives
  • Conducting effective assessment
  • Providing constructive feedback

The full programme is approximately 4 hours and has been accredited for 5 CPD points by the Royal College of Physicians until October 2022. You can also choose to watch particular sections that may be of interest to you.
It is recommended that all new trainers watch the full recording (if you were unable to attend the event in October) and suggest that some of the topics may be useful refreshers for more experienced trainers. Once you've watched the programme, it is always helpful to complete the feedback form to help develop trainer induction moving forwards.

ARCP 2024 Dates & Checklists

All ARCP dates and revised ARCP checklists for 2024 have been published on the ARCP webpage and supercede all previous ARCP checklists - see ARCPs

Introduction of a submission deadline for the ESSR and relevant ARCP evidence has proved very successful. We will continue to share submission dates only with trainees so that panel members have adequate time to review evidence. The actual panel review dates are one week after this submission date for anaesthesia and two weeks after the submission date for ICM ARCPs.

The submission dates for Winter/Summer 2024 Anaesthetic ARCPs are detailed below

Anaesthesia CT1-3, ST3/4 - 4th January 2024
Anaesthesia ST5-7- 22nd January 2024
FICM - 16th January 2024

Anaesthesia CT1 - 1st July 2024
Anaesthesia CT2/ACCS CT3 - 25th June 2024
Anaesthesia CT3/ST3/ACCS CT4 - 20th June 2024
Anaesthesia ST4&5 - 3rd July 2024
Anaesthesia ST6&7 - 26th July 2024
FICM - 18th June 2024

All LLP evidence, including the ESSR, must be present to view by the advertised submission date - therefore please co-ordinate the date for ESSR completion with your trainee as early as possible. Trainees who do not submit their evidence by the submission deadline are likely to receive an Outcome 5, followed by an Outcome 2.

All ARCPs will be held in absence.

In the event of an unsatisfactory outcome, a virtual meeting will be arranged within the next 10 day period with the Head of School and Training Programme Director. These dates are to be confirmed.

2021 Curriculum

For all information relevant to the 2021 Curriculum - see 2021 Curriculum webpage.

Documents relevant to trainers, including the new 2021 Curriculum ES Appraisal document and the guide on how to write an effective ESSR, can be found below.