Completing Training

As you approach your CCT date there are some important things to consider as the end of your training approaches.

CCT date

If your training timeline has been altered in any way (LTFT, OOP, sickness) you must write to the RCoA and TPD as soon as possible so your CCT date can be recalculated accurately. Please keep in close contact with your college tutors so that any issues in the next months can be ironed out and addressed early and ensure a smooth path to CCT. If you feel that there will be any problems with you achieving CCT by the set date then please can you get in touch with the TPD early so you can discuss a plan going forwards well ahead of time.

Grace Period

All ST7 trainees (full time or less than full time) are automatically mapped for a six month grace period of employment post CCT date. Trainees will be contacted by the TPD approximately 6 months prior to their CCT date to confirm whether they wish to take up this period of grace. This six months of employment allows you to continue working at a specialty doctor level and remain on such rotas. We can not guarantee which Health Board this post will be in and it may need to be in a different centre to your ST7 year. The sooner we know what your intentions are the more likely we are to be able to accommodate you in a suitable hospital. You must provide a minimum of 3 months notice to resign from a grace period post which is designed as an opt out programmed aspect of your training post.


You will need to notify HEIW of your plan to resign from your training post within 3 months notice of your CCT date if you are not planning a grace period. Please complete the online resignation form on the HEIW FAQ webpage. You will also need to notify your Health Board, department and NWSSP ( with the same notice period so rotas can be amended. Please be aware that your CCT date is your last day of your employment if you opt out of a grace period, not the August and February rotation dates.

CCT Notification form

Leading up to your CCT, you will need to complete a CCT notification form accurately. This detailed document is available on the RCoA website and can be downloaded and edited. You should aim to send this completed form (word document) to the TPD within 1 month of CCT so that it can be reviewed before your ARCP. Following a successful ARCP outcome, it will be signed by the TPD and the RCoA will be notified. You will then receive a recommendation of CCT letter from the RCoA and be placed on the specialist register.