Primary FRCA

Primary FRCA Exam Teaching & Courses

Primary exam based teaching should be taking place in your local hospital (virtual or face to face depending on numbers). Please contact the following people if you are interested in attending web based virtual primary FRCA teaching sessions:
- Primary FRCA VIVA teaching at University Hospital of Wales is being organised and delivered by Dr Haitem Maghur. If you are keen to join in then please contact him Places will be limited.
- Paulo Antoniazzi, Gwen Howe and Emily Gott are conducting virtual primary teaching across Cwm Taf Morgannwg sites - all trainees are welcome to join in. Contact and/or for details.

All Wales Anaesthetics Basic Sciences (AWABS)

AWABS is usually delivered as a regular face to face regional teaching programme and is currently organised by Dr Mark Burtonwood (Consultant Anaesthetist Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend). Due to COVID-19 restrictions the AWABS programme will be run as a series of half day webinars. The dates and organising hospital are shown below. More details can be found here.

  • 7th September 2021 (09:00-10:00) via MS Teams. Welcome and Q & A. Teams Link
  • 23rd September 2021 (afternoon) via MS Teams. Local anaesthetics; Sterilisation, cleaning and decontamination; Gut physiology. Teams link
  • 6th October 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. Vaporisers and inhalational agents; Electricity, capacitors and defibrillators; Cell receptors and ion channels. Teams link
  • 18th October 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. Statistics; Pressure, force and their measurement; TIVA and compartment models. Teams link
  • 2nd November 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. Enzymes and nuclear receptors; Renal physiology; Anaesthesia and the environment. Teams link
  • 17th November 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. Blood constituents, transfusion and cell salvage; Opiates and analgesics; Glucose control and diabetes. Teams link
  • 30th November 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. IV anaesthetic agents; Liver physiology and portal circulation; Flow, density, Venturi and Bernoulli effects. Teams link
  • 15th December 2021 (morning) via MS Teams. Drug/receptor interaction, agonists antagonists, potency etc; Nutrition and metabolism, Krebs cycle; Oxygen therapy, delivery, toxicity. Teams link

Some AWABs lecture content is archived as video lectures below:




Anaesthetic Equipment & Safety



N+SWAC - Primary FRCA Anaesthetic Course

This course is held 3 times each year, just prior to the Primary SOE/OSCE sitting. It is normally run as a face to face course, but in light of COVID it is run via Zoom. The next course will be January 10th 2022. For further information please contact the course organisers at