Special Interest Area (SIA)

Special Interest Area

During stage 3 of the Anaesthetics Curriculum, 12 months (whole time equivalent) of training must be undertaken in one or more areas of special interest. This allows the anaesthetist in training to develop knowledge and skills to enable them to gain the capabilities required to be an independent practitioner. It also prepares them for specialised areas of anaesthetic practice that they may want to pursue as a consultant or in preparation for additional training opportunities that might be undertaken in a more specialised area of anaesthetics practice after gaining CCT. Please follow the RCoA 2021 SIA link for the currently available information.

Welsh School of Anaesthesia SIA Application Process

Trainees will be invited to attend the Stage 3 & SIA training day in July of their ST5 year. They will be provided with SIA application forms following attendance at this day. The application window is from July-August and trainees will be informed of their ST6/7 rotations by the end of October.

Stage 3 & SIA Training Day

The Welsh School of Anaesthesia hold an annual Stage 3 & Special Interest Area (SIA) training day. The next Stage 3 training day will be Monday 17th June 2024 held at HEIW, Nantgarw. Trainees will be invited (via email) to attend this event if and when you are eligible to apply for your SIA modules. If you would like more information about this, please email your TPD lilleytpd@gmail.com.

Special Interest Area Contacts within Wales

Please see below a list of trainees and trainers for specific SIA modules available in Wales. If you would like more information about any of the SIAs then these people are a good first point of contact. There are also local consultant leads in each hospital for all modules; these consultants are responsible for signing off SIAs and they will be able to provide more detailed information if you require it.

College tutors will be able to tell you site specific SIA options - please contact them if you would like to know what SIA modules each hospital site can offer.

SIA Module Trainer/Trainee Contact
General Nian Baban nian_b@hotmail.com
Airway Hannah Saitch hannah.saitch@hotmail.com
Hepato-Biliary Anaesthesia Susie Hollway susiehollway@yahoo.co.uk
Perioperative Medicine Mike Adamson michael.adamson@wales.nhs.uk
Regional Anaesthesia Marmar Htyn marmar.htyn@gmail.com
Obstetrics Charlotte Oliver charlotte.oliver@wales.nhs.uk
Paediatrics Victoria Lucas victoria.lucas@wales.nhs.uk
Neurosurgery Yavor Metodiev yavor.metodiev@wales.nhs.uk
Cardiothoracics Emily Buckwell emily.buckwell@wales.nhs.uk
Pain Sonia Pierce sonia.pierce@wales.nhs.uk
Acute In-Patient Pain Anna Roberts anna5084@doctors.org.uk
Trauma and stabilisation Gian Longobardi gianluca.trisolinilongobardi@wales.nhs.uk
Transfer Mike Slattery mike.slattery@wales.nhs.uk
Additional ICM Bethan Gibson bethan.gibson@wales.nhs.uk
Burns and plastics Mike Eales michael.eales@wales.nhs.uk
Non-Clinical (Education, Management, Research & QI) Libby Duff, Graeme Lilley, Mike Adamson elizabeth.duff@wales.nhs.uk lilleytpd@gmail.com michael.adamson@wales.nhs.uk