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"Sustaining a Career in Anaesthesia & ICM"

Thursday 28th December 2023

"Sustaining a Career in Anaesthesia & ICM"
This will be a day run for Welsh School of Anaesthesia higher trainees (ST4+) on Wednesday 20th March at Sophia Gardens Cricket Stadium.

This will be a really great opportunity to bring together post-FRCA trainees in this in-person event, where we have brilliant speakers who will be talking on some really important & topical talks.

Topics include;
Decision making, Emotional Intelligence, 'Teamership', Incivility & Psychological Safety, Medical Errors - The Second Victim.

The day is FREE, and you will be fed & watered with plenty of refreshments and food provided throughout the day in a relaxed environment.

There will be no virtual option, we have deliberately made this a purely face-to-face to maximise impact of these important topics. All costs are fully subsidised for each trainee and we are limited with the number of people who can attend, so sign up on the below link ASAP to avoid missing out.

Sustaining a Career in Anaesthesia and ICM booking link