A variety of resources and links are available below to support trainees from HEIW or have been developed specifically by trainers and trainees from the Welsh School of Anaesthesia, ICM & Pain Medicine

Junior Anaesthetists of Wales

Formed in 2008, JAW aims to be a forum promoting communication, social and academic issues for anaesthetic trainees in Wales. We organise academic events for anaesthetic trainees including post-fellowship teaching. We also include a strong social program with our events.

JAW Website

Information on the Welsh Intensivists in Training Society can be found on the School FICM training webpage - FICM

Junior Anaesthetists of Wales

Welsh Anaesthetic Audit Research and Engagement Network (WAAREN)

A research network setup in Wales for anaesthetic trainee doctors. The core aims of the group are:

  • To support Welsh anaesthetists' potential projects by nurturing and developing them to achieve their potential
  • To improve patient safety by organised audit, research and public engagement
  • To increase trainee opportunities and accessibility to high quality audit, research and public engagement

WAAREN was established in August 2013 and has moved forward and achieved a considerable amount since that time within Wales and the wider UK. We have completed seven major projects across ten Welsh hospitals since 2014.

Our most recent project during summer 2018 was DALES (Drug Allergy Labelling in Elective Surgical Patients), which was the 3rd national collaborative project through RAFT (the Research and Audit National Federation of Trainees). It was designed to evaluate the prevalence of patient-reported and documented allergy to drugs relevant to anaesthesia and to learn more about anaesthetists' knowledge and attitudes to allergy. Data analysis is ongoing and results are eagerly awaited...

How to get involved

  • Help out in an upcoming project and be recognised as a contributor.
  • Submit your own idea for the summer project and if selected have the chance to run the project UK wide!!
  • Volunteer to be your hospital WAAREN representative.
  • Get in touch at

WAAREN Website



Trainee Support

Educational Supervisor
Your Educational Supervisor should be the first port of call for any problems that arise during your training. You should meet your Educational Supervisor within the first two weeks of an attachment and thereafter at least every three months..

College Tutor
Each hospital has a College Tutor who has overall responsibility for the trainees in the department. If you have a problem that cannot be resolved by your Educational Supervisor please speak to your College Tutor. Your College Tutor is the link between your department and the WSA. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved locally the College Tutor will liaise with the WSA

Buddy Scheme
When you first start in Anaesthetics you will be teamed up with a Buddy who will be a more experienced trainee. Your Buddy will be an excellent source of encouragement and advice.

Trainee Reps
There are trainee reps for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 and additionally for Less Than Full Time Trainees (LTFT).
See Contact Info page for up to date contact details.

Professional Support Unit

The Professional Support Unit supports all doctors in training whose performance has been affected for any reason and can be contacted for advice and guidance regarding any issues affecting progression through training. You can be referred to the Professional Support Unit by the School or you can request a referral yourself via e-mail: or telephone 03300 584211. They will invite you to a confidential meeting to discuss your situation or any issues raised and offer appropriate support.

The School Leads for Professional Support are:
Core Trainees - Dr Haitem Maghur,
Specialist Trainees - Dr Val Hilton,

Association of Anaesthetist Wellbeing Resources

The Association of Anaesthetists have developed a wealth of resources to maintain wellbeing and offer support to all anaesthetic doctors. Please follow this AoA link for further information.
For emergency help and advice NOW - Click here

WSA Study Leave and Lieu Day Guidance for Anaesthetists in Training and Trainers

Please see guidance from the Welsh School of Anaesthesia re: Study Leave and Lieu days.

HEIW All Wales Study Leave Policy also linked below:
HEIW All Wales Study Leave Policy

You will find useful additional useful trainee resources below:

For example:

  • Bakers Dozen 2020 - Courtesy of Dr Mark Stacey, Consultant Anaesthetist
  • North Wales Trainee Handbooks - an essential guide for living & training in anaesthesia in North Wales hospitals
  • Advice if embarking on maternity leave from the Welsh School. Additional advice is also available on this link to North West Deanery Gasmummy
  • Guidance when returning to clinical anaesthesia after a prolonged break
  • Checklist for Returning to Work after Prolonged or Multiple episodes of sickness