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TWIRC - The Welsh Intensive Revision Course
A mock exam course, with additional teaching content on radiology and ECG's. This course is currently free to all Welsh trainees.
Since the COVID pandemic, like the exam itself, this course has taken to an online format, with a series of online mock OSCE and SOE's, in a close replica of the exam itself.

If you are interested in registering for this course - please contact Dr Scott Bradburn

FFICM Digital Preparatory Course
A revision / mock exam course for those planning to sit the FFICM OSCE and SOE exam, hosted by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine.

Currently in an online format, with a tiered content and pricing structure

Tier 1 - Digital Materials - Lectures and Slides
Tier 1 will be access to lectures and slides, covering topics relevant to the exam.

Tier 2 - Digital Materials - OSCE/SOE
Tier 2 will be access to pre recorded OSCE and SOE scenarios/questions.
The recordings will feature the scenario/question read out by members of the prep course faculty, and will allow trainees to practice responding as they would in the exam.

Other Useful Exam Resources

Cardiff ICU FICM Exam Resources
Comprehensive review by local trainees of books, websites and podcasts available for exam revision and advice on how to approach the exam

Organ Donation Crammer Webinar
Discussion of the key medical and ethical topics surrounding organ donation, with a focus on the FICM Exam

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